Esierri Winter School began spontaneously in 2015. Colleagues and friends with an interest in giving a difference to the snow sector. We have created an homogeneous and helpful group with the main goal enjoying snow training.

Many customers of the Esierri community have commented to us last winter their needs in ski mountaineering and alpine ski. For this reason we decided to offer a service in winter where we adapt to you depending on your needs.

Anyone who knows us knows that Esi Erri Bikes & Ski is not a company or bike or ski, but a service company where our customer, conditioned by his time and circumstances, knows that here they will find a suitable product for their needs.

At last we have an outdoor client, active in the summer and who in winter changes the wheels to slip over ski edges. And he knows he can trust Esierri because without a doubt we assure them enjoyment and a good treatment.

Esierri Winter School. Escuela de esquí en Baqueira Beret y Espot
Ski school Esierri Winter School in Baqueira Beret and Espot

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We are not a big school with big infrastructures, but a group of professionals that adapts to the custumer according to their needs and offers close relationship, where communication between all is clear and quick and where everybody equally can give the customer a close vision.

Esierri Winter os ofrece para la temporada 2017/2018.

  • Beginners courses.
  • Introductory courses.
  • Advanced courses.
  • Virgin powder courses.
  • Ski mountaineering courses.
  • You can find us at:

    Clases de esquí en Baqueira Beret y Espot

    Private Lessons.
    It will be our pleasure to adapt to your needs and concerns. On the understanding that skiing is a relatively technical sport, we believe that it is basic to acquire the first notions with the advice of one of our professionals, always combined with a know-how and basic psychology to face the beginning in a sport where resources, weather and ski slopes influence the student a lot.

    With a clear criteria of our methodology, we are able to see in which evolution the student is at the time he is with us, using the right tools to consolidate it and advance to the next one.

    We propose a very direct initiation and improvement training, without using technicalities, in a way you can easily understand the methodology of your progression and enjoyment.

    So do not hesitate about coming both the station Baqueira-Beret or Espot Ski to acquire techniques, debut or sliding down the best slopes. You will always be in safe hands.

    Ski safely and confidence, always in the hands of a professional.

    Tarifas de clases particulares:

    CLASES 1 o 2 Alumnos 3 o 4 alumnos
    Particulares 44,00€/h 46,00€/h
    Safari estación 42,00€/h 44,00€/h
    Nieves no tratadas 52,00€/h 54,00€/h

    A partir de 5 alumnos se aplicará un incremento de 5,00€ por persona/hora.

    Meeting points with students